The Project

Africa Revisited 2008. Coopers’ Company & Coborn School, has a long tradition of travelling abroad on trips which are rather more challenging than the norm and which supplement adventure with truly worthwhile projects for the benefit of third world communities.

In recent years expeditions have been organised to three different continents ~ Bolivia; Fiji (having spent some weeks beforehand sailing aboard the tallship Soren Larsen); Namibia in 2004; and returning to Namibia in 2006 before going on to Botswana and Zambia.

It was on this last trip that the team achieved, arguably, their finest achievement to date. In Zambia, a two classroom school was built, resourced and made operational. Some photos taken at the time can be found here Twabuka Community School. Further information from that expedition are provided on the main Into Africa 2006 website.

The initial school roll back in 2006 was just 36 pupils; this number has continued to rise ever since and is now well over 100.

For two years we had been raising funds to build another block of three classrooms. The work was under way and our trip this time would see us helping with the completion of the work and the grand opening of the new block.

Alan and Oriel of Nomad African Travel - who were responsible for organising our trip - had been managing the building project and had also been helping the village develop economically. In April 2008 the Twabuka Iji Company took a big step forward when its first 100 chicks were delivered (Iji means egg) to be housed in a new chicken house built by two of the villagers.

We had really been looking forward to going back to Twabuka to see the changes that had happened since the last trip in 2006.