Progress at Twabuka School

4th July 2008 ~ A message from Oriel

Yesterday we visited Twabuka school, taking with us four clients who were on tour with us, all of whom had been teachers. The children were initially very quiet but soon became excited - first of all they had their photographs taken, then they were helped with their mathematics work, before joining in a variety of action songs: “If you’re Happy and you know it clap your hands”, “One finger, one thumb keep moving”, “10 green Bottles” “Incey Wincey Spider’ and “In a Cottage in a Wood”. By the time the visit finished they were all very animated but Lawrence and Romance, the teachers, soon restored the usual level of calm and good behaviour before they all lined up for their lunch.

Since the kitchen has been running and food aid has allowed all the children to have a hot meal every day, the health of the children has improved considerably and this lunchtime meal is also a good incentive to attend school.

Help in an existing classroom

Cooking Lunch.

Helping to serve lunch.

The building work was progressing well and whilst we were there the last tin sheet was put in place on the roof, the ridges should also be in place before the end of the week. As well as finishing the roof the builders are concentrating on plastering the inside of the classrooms, next week the floor screed will be put down and this will mean that the interior will be complete for the students from Cooper’s School to paint and decorate when they arrive on 23rd July. The main work remaining will then be plastering the outside of the building, fitting the glass and making and fitting the security gates.

The chickens are also making good progress and 99 of them have become healthy, almost full grown hens thanks to the care of Brian and Geoff. They are due to start laying in two months so nesting boxes will soon be installed in preparation for this. Unfortunately we had a break in at the chicken house store and an expensive tilly lamp was stolen, so now we have had to install security gates.

The new building. Fitting the last roof sheet.

Plastering inside the new classroom.

The Chicken House.

Quite a number of items have been donated recently by our guests including a selection of hard and soft balls, Frisbees, colouring pencils and books. We are also trying to gather together enough sweat shirts for all the children to have one, as the mornings are cold at present. A further initiative is to try and give a toothbrush to all children. Many thanks to our guests who have donated towards these initiatives so far and thanks to the Cooper’s group who will help to push this a stage further.

The next stage of eye operations has also been out in progress. Lillian Mweemba took a further five to Zimba eye hospital for their first assessment and they will return in August for their operations.

We are delighted to report the additional classrooms were completed on time, with the official handover ceremony taking place on Friday 1st August 2008.

Our 'News' section provides a brief insight into our time at the school. Photos will follow in due course.

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