Fundraising | Sponsors

We were all responsible for paying our own way on the trip ~ teachers included. Whilst family and friends helped to support us in this area, we also needed to address the broader picture of the community project in Zambia. We estimated this would cost £15,000. Over the course of the 2007/2008 we mounted a fund raising campaign to secure these funds. We are delighted to report we met our target and more!

Our fundraising activities to date have been:

  • Lower School Disco
  • Two Quiz Nights
  • Barn Dance
  • Sponsored Swim
  • Sponsored Run
  • Music Concert
  • Raffles - Cuddly Toy, Ipod, Easter Egg
  • Car Washes
  • Stall at Christmas Bazzar
  • Donations from friends and family
  • Cake Sale
  • Sale of Strawberries and Cream
  • Supermarket Bag Packing at Christmas
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Sale of Expedition Badges

Our special thanks must go to hurleypalmerflatt - the leading multi-disciplinary consultancy in the UK - who are paying for our expedition polo shirts and for the t-shirts we will be taking for the village children.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the following:-

    • Mrs Smith (Matthew Smith's grandmother for her generous donation)
    • Mr. Brazier (Mrs Fordham's brother-in-law for his generous donation)
    • Nicholas Shade (Sponsored London Mini Marathon run)
    • The Governors of The Coopers' Company and Coborn School
    • Mrs Mitz Williams (Donation)
    • Mrs Nishi Data (Tireless fundraising)
    • Mr. Julian Teece (Especially for all his support and advice to the team)
    • Mrs Carol Mills
    • Mrs Rosalind Garrod
    • Mrs Nicola Clark
    • Peter Chapman (Donation)
    • Mrs Laura Ellis (Cruise Gift Store)
    • Mr. Brian Stanley (Photofix)

Below is a poem that is currently pinned to a notice board in the staff room at the school. It feels pertinent to include it here.


I can hear them
And they’re no longer there,
Crying for a hand
That I couldn’t spare.

I can see them,
Though I will not look,
Reaching for the time
That I never took.

I can feel them
Pulling at my sleeve,
Asking me to stay,
Knowing that I’d leave.

And there’s no way
That I could help them all.
But can I even say,
When all is said and done,
That when I had a way
I stopped to help just one?